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The main building aims to be an inn where you can stay with peace of mind at a low price.
When using 4 or more people in a room on weekdays,
Only Room/ No Meals Included, From 3000 yen, From 6000 yen with 2 meals per night, (consumption tax・Hot spring tax not included)
There is also a Tsuetate the back, so you can relax and relax while looking at the river.
(*Some rooms do not have a view of the river. )
  • Rooms / 14 square meters (13 rooms)

    The room is a pure Japanese room with a calm atmosphere.
    The 14-sqm Japanese-style rooms are large enough for 4 adults.
  • Special guest room / 18 square meters (1 room)

    A spacious Japanese room with a view of the Tsuetate River from the edge.
    The 18-sqm Japanese room is large enough for 6 adults.

Number of rooms

14 rooms: 14 Japanese-style rooms

Room supplement

Spacious rooms from 14 to 18 square meters

Room facilities

All rooms air conditioning / TV / refrigerator


Hand towel(Pay) /toothbrush・tooth paste(Pay) /bath towel(Pay) /Shampoo / Body soap / Yukata(Pay) /Shower cap (Pay)

Facility contents

Banquet Hall (Pay)

Service & Leisure, (Including arrangements)

Massage (Pay)

Credit cards that can be used locally

On the spot, credit card NG (in preparation)

Check-in time


Checkout time


About amenities

・set(Toothbrush and towel)¥ 250
・Mustache・toothbrush, ¥ 50 each
・towel, ¥ 150
ー ー ーrentalー ー ー
・yukata(Standard), ¥ 200
・yukata(Yukata・band), ¥ 400
・bath towel(rental)¥ 200


・Some rooms do not have a view of the river.
・Bringing utensils into the room is prohibited.
・If you would like a room with free WI-FI, please tell us when making your reservation.
・Depending on the mobile phone company, it may be difficult to connect the mobile phone.
・Toilets are shared but on each floor.