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Ryokan Hakusuiso


4217 Shimojo, Oguni Town, Aso County, Kumamoto Prefecture

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Oita Expressway Hita IC, take National Route 212 Aso for about 40 minutes
  • Traffic guide to Tsuetate Onsen Town

     Hakusuiso is located on the border between Kumamoto and Oita<Tsuetate Onsen Town>Located in.
    Transportation is provided on the "Tsuetate Onsen Portal Site", so please refer to it.
     If you have any questions, please feel free to call us.
    We look forward to your visit.
  • Hakusuiso area map

     The north is the map around Hita IC Oita Expressway, and the south is the map including Minamioguni Town.
    The location of tourist facilities is also posted, so please download and use it.
  • Address・Contact information

    Address:4217 Shijojodate, Shimojo Tsuetate, Oguni Town, Aso County, Kumamoto Prefecture 869-2503, Shimojo Tsuetate, Oguni Town, Aso County, Kumamoto Prefecture
    Tel: 0967-48-0321
    FAX: 0967-48-086
  • By car

    Access method 1: Fukuoka
    Kyushu Expressway Tosu JC to Oita Expressway.Hita IC - National Route 212 Aso(About 40 minutes)

    Access method 2:Kyushu Expressway.~ Kumamoto IC ~ National Route 57 - Ozu Town ~ to Milk Road - Mt Daikanbo to Route 212 a Oguni towards(About 1 hour 40 minutes)

    Parking: Yes (Free)