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Hot Springs

In 1800, it springs up. A trolley hot spring that invites you to a beautiful skin.

Exhales with soft water quality. Oguni Cedar large bath that makes you forget the time surrounded by Oguni Cedar.

  • Public bath / woman bath

    "Various people enter the water to go at Te Shi has Sugari to heal disease Tsuetate

    Tsuetate Onsen the name of Tsuetate Onsen comes from,
    When the customer who came to the spa for her legs came home, put the cane that stood up,
    A hot spring with a spiritual experience that has the effect of forgetting to return.
    It is clear and colorless. If you take a bath, it will cling to your skin.
    Another name is “Motoyu”, which contains a large amount of natural moisturizing ingredients.
    To the beauty of the skin with a hot spring.
  • Public bath / Men's bath

  • Tsuetate tradition, Insect bath

    “Steaming hot water” is recommended in order to fully enjoy the good quality of the Tsuetate Onsen at Tsuetate Onsen. To put it simply, you can only soak your shoulders in an ordinary bath, but if it is “steaming hot water”, the effect is the same as if you soaked in the bath up to the top of your head, no more ...?
    Detox effect is also excellent.
    After “steaming water”, the core of the body is warm and the skin is pruned and steamed egg….
    At this facility, the temperature is set at a slightly lower temperature so that it can be put into “steamed hot water” for a longer period of time and also to prevent contact with hot water.
    Please understand that it is not as hot as a normal sauna or mist sauna.
    Effective at low temperatures ...!
  • Private family bath*Currently unavailable due to corona measures.

About the use of hot springs

Hot Springs

Tsuetate Onsen(100% natural hot spring) Hot spring pouring *Does not include artificial hot springs

Private Bath

Yes (Reservation required 50 minutes 1500 yen)

Number of baths

"Outdoor bath] Man: 0 woman: 0 Mixed bath: 0
[Indoor bath] Man: 1 woman: 1 Mixed bath: 0
[sauna] Man: 1 woman: 1 Mixed bath: 0

Other bath facilities


Bath usage conditions

Bathing time is from 15:00 to next morning 9:30 (Private bath until 21:00)

Hot spring tax

Hot spring tax for adults is 150 yen.

Hot Spring Qualities

Sodium-chloride hot spring (Hypotonic high hot spring)

Characteristics of hot spring ingredients

Colorless and transparent, Almost odorless, Salty
(Analysis location:source)

Hot spring temperature and volume

75.7 ℃, --- ㍑ / min (Self-injection)
*For details, see the attached hot spring analysis report (The most recent component analysis date:H26.2.25)

environment, Flowing situation

Pouring type
(A new hot spring is always poured into the bathtub to overflow. )

The situation of water

Due to the high spring temperature, tap water is added about 10% in summer and 5% in winter.

Heating situation


Replacement situation with Shinyu

It changes in 3 to 4 hours.

Add bath additives